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Enjoy a wellness area in Tarragona, Spain

In the heart of our wellness area in Tarragona you can find everything that makes the SPA tradition (salus per aqua).


Discover the thousand-year-old SPA (salus per aqua) tradition. Thanks to the relaxing properties of water, your body and mind will gain in health and well-being.
In our wellness centre, you will find facilities that combine tradition and innovation in seaside activities.
Your body and mind will be relaxed and gain in well-being, all thanks to the contribution and benefits provided by water to them. Several possibilities are available in our centre, combining tradition and modernity through innovative installations designed for your comfort.

HAMMAM :Also known as a Turkish bath or steam bath, the hammam is ideal to purify your body and enjoy a moment of relaxation. Everything here is about progressive temperatures and humidity levels ranging from 40 to 50 degrees and offering a maximum humidity of 95%. Water is also present to allow cooling and therefore to achieve several contrasts in temperatures. As for aromatherapy, it makes the therapeutic effects even more important.
If the hammam seems to have its origins in the Middle East, its effects were already well known in Greco-Roman civilization since one used to purify one’s body by passing it through the humid, aromatic heat.


SAUNA : This is a bath composed of hot and dry air whose origin is Nordic. It is practiced in natural wooden cabins and the temperatures reached are between 80 and 100 degrees with a humidity of 20% to stimulate perspiration.
In Finland, the sauna is similar to a real art of living in that its effects are particularly adapted to the country’s climate. Thus, acids and toxins are eliminated and the relaxing and purifying effect is immediate.

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Massage JET SHOWERS: The latter have multiple effects, offering toning but also relaxing massages thanks to the specificities of hot and cold water, combined with essential oils.
It is a sensual experience that awakens blood circulation and encourages stimulation of joints, waist and head.


JACUZZI : This concept, well known to the ancient Romans, is based on hydrotherapy, a practice consisting of a hydro-massage composed of water jets, air bubbles and temperature variations, all of which helps to revive blood circulation and reduces feelings of heaviness. It is a total relaxation and well-being that you benefit from.


ICE FOUNTAIN. This cascade of ice crystals is used in addition to hot baths, whether they are water or steam.
It is particularly useful to improve and stimulate blood circulation.

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