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Nightlife around the campsite

There are many options available when you return from a day in the sun, whether it was at the beach or enjoying any other possible activity around the campsite. Of course, you can choose to rest, but you can also choose the night activities offered in and around the campsite. And with the choice available to you, it would be a shame not to take full advantage of it.
Salou and La Pineda offer many possibilities such as having a drink in one of the various establishments of the paseo maritimo.
You can also enjoy Mediterranean cuisine in one of the restaurants of your choice and extend the evening and night in a discotheque or pub to discover in Salou. The ambiances are diverse and varied and you will never be bored, it is a promise made to you.

nightlife at camping Pineda De Salou

The nightlife around the campsite also benefits from the presence of the best international DJ’s who regularly perform in the Le Pacha or La Cage disco. Electronic music lovers come from all over the world to enjoy the region’s nightlife. preferred programming and nights that never stop are part of everyday life here for those who want them.
But the most popular nightclub, the one you must absolutely discover, is Le Pacha. Since the 1980s it has been a symbol of celebration and modernity, while at the time it distinguished itself from the rest of the night world by imposing a philosophy and a state of mind that could be described as “Ibiza”.
The new version of the Pasha was launched in the early 1990s and is located in La Pineda, only a few steps from the sea.
Since the 21st century, this disco has had an envied agenda throughout the world and therefore welcomes the greatest DJ’s of today while having a total capacity of nearly 3000 people.
In addition, Le Pacha has 4 large, well-defined areas and thus offers an immense range of possibilities.

nightlife at camping Pineda De Salou
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